Celebrate Yourself With a Nameplate Necklace

We all need a little self-love once in a while! A massage, a mani-pedi, a bubble bath, or maybe a small gift to show how much you appreciate yourself. :-)  I decided I wanted to buy myself a little gift to celebrate my sixth year of teaching and reaching my 200th blog post, and jewelry is always a win. So I picked out a darling nameplate necklace from my favorite small business website, Etsy!

I have a “Jessica” necklace that I wear almost everyday, and now I have this new 17.5″ gold bar plated necklace engraved with, (what else), PEPPERMINTING! And it turned out PERFECTLY!


You either love or hate nameplate necklaces, there is no in-between. Some people may think they’re kinda chincy, but I happen to ADORE them. Sex and the City made these necklaces famous, and even Kim Kardashian wears one with “Nori” on it.

Carrie Gif

Carrie made the nameplate necklace trendy and chic.

The $40 necklace itself is well made and gorgeous. It has a strong clasp, and the gold bar shines and catches the light beautifully. The Etsy seller Lena was really helpful, and I received it 10 days after placing my order! What do you think?? Love or hate?!


Order this personalized nameplate necklace from Etsy seller DazlingJewels here!

The Best Selling Lipcolor in America

I don’t always wear lipstick, but when I do… I prefer MAC. ;-)

This week, a study done from the NPD Group found America’s best selling lipstick shades of 2013. The number one winner? MAC Ruby Woo! (Read the article here) So of course, since I have no kids or student loans to hold me back, you know I went and purchased immediately.

Nordstrom carries MAC lipsticks for $16, and they are worth every cent. MAC lipsticks are creamy, highly pigmented, great quality, and long-lasting, and the range of shades is incredible!

I’m not gonna try and share tips on what shade of lipstick suits your skin tone, or how to apply it so it lasts all day, because truthfully, I have no idea. Lipstick intimidates the hell out of me. Am I alone?? I definitely won’t be wearing this shade everyday, but I recommend you go grab this best seller and swipe some on when you’re feelin’ fancy or frisky! It is the ultimate red shade, and will make you feel so feminine and chic. Plus, major bonus – it makes your teeth pop white like CRAZY! There’s definitely a reason it’s the number one selling lipstick in the U.S.!

Mac Ruby WooWhat’s your favorite lipstick shade?

You HAVE to Make This Salad Before Summer is Over!

Watermelon Salad

My wonderful friend’s mother sent me this recipe for Watermelon Cucumber Feta Salad and I knew it was right up my alley as soon as I saw the word “feta”! I seriously can’t get enough of this cheese.

Interesting feta facts:

  • The word “feta” comes from an ancient Greek word meaning “slice”.
  • Feta is made with sheep or goat milk, or sometimes both.
  • It is one of the oldest cheeses in the world; Homer wrote about it in “Odyssey”

I love feta so much because 1) it doesn’t upset my stomach, since I have a mild lactose intolerance, 2) the taste is so potent, I only need to add a small amount to my food, which means less calories consumed!

This salad is refreshing, simple, and light, and the perfect side dish, or main dish for any meal. QUICK, make it before fall comes! :D

SISTER TIP: Add fresh mint leaves for an extra burst of flavor!

Watermelon Cucumber Salad

Happy 200th Post Day!!!

BIG NEWS! Today marks my 200th blog post on Pepperminting! I wanna give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who reads, comments, shares, and enjoys my posts, it means so much to me!!!! <3

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.01.42 AM

I’d like to celebrate by posting GIFs I made in honor of my sister. She’s gonna love these. (If you recognize one, comment Pepperminting!!!)


Just Shutup


Who are you who are you


SyndromeAnd my personal favorite, during our ride on the Tea Cups at Disney World…

Angelina Tea Cup



Headed to a Concert? Save the Money and Make Your Own Fan Shirt

Summer is concert season, and I hit up the Drake vs Lil Wayne concert in Chicago Sunday! It was INCREDIBLE, to put it mildly. Let’s swoon over dancing Drakes for a moment, shall we?

Drake Dancing GIf

Oh yes.

Drake dancing

Get it Drizzy.



I knew I needed a charming, one-of-a-kind shirt to express my love for Drizzy’s witty verses and lovable Canadian ways, but after scouring the internet for cute Drake shirts, I realized I wasn’t going to find anything good. So, I decided to make one myself, using an iron-on transfer!

If you’ve never used iron-on transfers, you are truly missing out on a creative opportunity for your clothes. They’re SO easy to do (just print a design on the transfer paper, then iron it on any shirt for 90 seconds), inexpensive, and there’s no limit to what you can design! I bought my transfer sheets from Michael’s for $6 (after using a 40% off coupon), and the super comfy/loose tank top was only $5 from H&M.

After pondering my favorite Drake lyrics for a couple of days, I settled on one of my all time favorites from his first hit single “Best I Ever Had”. Uh, yeah, every girl’s dream: a guy who likes her better au naturel.

Sweatpants hair tiedSISTER TIPS for iron-ons:

  • Make sure you print your graphic using “mirror settings” so it isn’t backwards on the shirt.
  • Trim around the edges of your design as much as possible (see below).
  • While ironing, press SUPER hard and glide slowly over all the edges of the design.
  • Wait until the transfer cools completely before peeling off the back.


Mix in some leather shorts and wedge sneaks, and I am so OVO ready. :-)

Iron On Shirt

Flowers for Dreams

Flowers for Dreams

I’m really into fresh flowers lately. They brighten up any room and smell incredible throughout the entire house. If you’re looking for a socially-conscious, local floral shop, I have the perfect place for you Chicagoans!

The company is called Flowers for Dreams, and they truly do things right! They sent me a complimentary arrangement and I was absolutely blown away. The flowers are GORGEOUS, and the customer service is absolutely wonderful. I even searched their company on Yelp and found nothing but positively rave reviews like this one:

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 11.27.49 PMThe flowers are beautiful, and so is the mission – a portion of every purchase supports local charities. Plus use the special promo code MINT312 to save 20% on any order! If you’re in the Chicago area, go get a bouquet from them and brighten up somebody’s day. :)



The Most Filling Breakfast Smoothie You’ll Ever Drink

Apple Nut Smoothie

Looking for a nutritious, delicious, and filling breakfast smoothie to start your morning, and ensures you’re not starving an hour later? Allow me to help, I live to serve. :) Harley Pasternak is a celebrity trainer and nutrition expert that has … Continue reading