Need Meatless Monday Dinner Tonight? Try These Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

This post is short and sweet, but I felt I MUST share my delicious dinner I made! The recipe is from Nature Box, an awesome blog that shares awesome recipes and food-related articles. :) I followed the directions pretty much to a T, and the white wine deglazed the pan with the onions, giving them a nice, sweet taste. All of the ingredients are fresh, and you won’t even miss the meat! Plus quinoa is only like, the most nutritious food on this planet.

Grab the recipe here :)


Will you go meatless today??

How to Instantly Make Every Outfit More Fall-Y

Yes, I just made up the word “fall-y”, but there’s no other way to describe it! I’m always up for a challenge, and every year I love working to transition my summer wardrobe into clothes that are appropriate for chilly weather. And you’re in luck, because I have the cutest/easiest addition to any outfit that will make it better for fall! FLANNEL!

Flannel is the answer, baby! Plaid is SO in! Not that I’m ever sure it was ‘out’, but as Kim Kardashian proved at Fashion Week, flannel isn’t just for lumberjacks and the Brawny guy. It’s a comfy, yet sexy little addition to any outfit! Literally half of my fall outfits will include a flannel tied around my waist, it’s so 90s-chic. Urban Outfitters has the best button down at $49, grab one now! Here’s my favorite three looks with my favorite new flannel. :D

Flannel 3 Ways

How will you wear flannel this fall??

Sit at a desk all day? Read these tips from my doctor friend about how important posture is!

“Stand up tall! Don’t slouch!” – Everyone’s mama.

It’s true though! You hear about how important posture is, but we all sit, drive, and walk around like apes, and then wonder why our backs, necks, and shoulders ache after a long day at work. Although it may feel a bit goofy and uncomfortable at first, it’s so important to start sitting up and standing up straight, especially if you’re at a desk all day! I sat down with my good friend Sasha Moe, who rehabilitates ballerinas, football players, and everything in between, and she gave me a few tips on how to prevent aches and pains in my thirties and beyond!

Correct PostureTHE CHAIR

If there is not an adequate lumbar support in your chair, you can make one using a rolled up towel, tied with tape or rubber bands (see below). Or order one that has an elastic backing to stay on the chair like this McKenzie roll for $15 on Amazon!



Keep your abs and powerhouse engaged while sitting and standing to stabilize pelvis and spine (aka taking pressure off of spine). To engage your core, pull your belly button to your spine, lower your ribs, and scoop your belly in. Sounds weird, but try it right now! I bet you feel better already! :)
Most of us sit with a rounded shoulders and forward head posture. Instead, pull your shoulder blades down and back like you are pulling them down into your back pockets. Keep your head up by pretending there is a string pulling your head straight up and think nostrils horizontal to ground. Length the back of your neck and SMILE DUDE! You’re being proactive against aches and pains!
Habits are hard to make and/or break :: changing postures is a habit :: it will take a while but worthwhile in the end!
Aleksandra Oksengendler Moe PT, DPT works at the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute located on 150 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 1400, Chicago, IL 60601

Thinking about eating less meat? Here are some reasons why you should. (Plus a SUPER easy vegetarian recipe!)

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.46.45 PM

Ok, let me preface this by saying, I am not totally vegetarian… yet. Alas, I still eat meat for probably the same reasons as most of you reading this: it’s convenient, cheap, and damn tasty. But the older I get, and the more … Continue reading

Oh no! My summer tan is fading! Now what??


Ohhhhohoho I will TELL you, ladies! My favorite product this month goes to Suave Professionals Visible Glow. This self-tanning body lotion is a MUST for September; when all of our gorgeous, hard-earned summer tans are beginning to fade away, this … Continue reading