Summer Essential: The Classic White Button-Down

When InStyle (the women’s fashion/style magazine moguls) reached out to me to try out tops that feature their TrioFit technology, I was definitely intrigued. These shirts are the first to provide more sizes than just small, medium, and large, (actually there’s over 30 fittings!) so they fit like a GLOVE. Genius!

Trio Fit

There’s something so classic and feminine about a woman in a white button down. But it’s gotta fit right, ladies! That’s what makes InStyle’s shirts unique. They use your bust, waist, and cup size measurements, and provide a perfect-fitting collared button down. It hugs in all the right places, and boosts your confidence like WHOA. They run for $59.99 each, (and offering 50% off until 7/31!), but when you think of how versatile each of these shirts is, it’s an investment worth making. Especially for a professional workplace look!

There are four styles of the 34C white button down I tried out: The classic button-front, the bow blouse, the tuxedo shirt, and the weekend tunic. They all earn 5 peppermints for their versatility and PERFECT fit! Here are the fun styles I came up with. How will you style your favorite form-fitting button down??

In Style Essentials5 out of 5

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed about InStyle Essentials are my own.

Anti-aging secrets from my best friend’s Indian-Persian mother

Meet Yasmin, my favorite Indian-Persian in the world and my best girlfriend ever. Gawgeous, ain’t she?


Now, meet her mother. She’s discovered the fountain of youth, right? No fine lines, no wrinkles, clear eyes, white teeth, a PhD in chemistry, and over fifty?! I mean, clearly, this family has great genes. “It’s about mind, body, and spirit” – her favorite quote (as well as Beyonce’s haha).

But there are also a few beauty tips from the Indian culture that she swears by and shares with her daughter to stay looking young and rejuvenated. And it’s your lucky day, Pepperminters, because I’m going to share her favorite anti-aging tips with YOU!


Yogurt & Honey Face Mask

What it does: Gently clears skin and stimulates collagen production, which means less sagging and lines on your face.

Mama’s Tips: “You need to use raw honey, not store-bought honey. Put a spoonful of this honey in two tablespoons of plain, whole-milk Greek yogurt. Stir it up nicely and spread it on your face, neck, and hands, make sure you protect your hair because it will be sticky. Sometimes I even put it on my feet! I like to place cucumbers on my eyes and lay down for about 20 minutes. Then rinse it off in the shower. I like to use this once every two weeks or so.”

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

What it does: The ultimate hair treatment for damaged or dry hair, split ends, dandruff, and adds incredible shine.

Mama’s Tips: “Get pure coconut oil, the best oil is Parachute (buy it here for $5.40). Put some coconut oil in a microwave and warm it up for about 30 seconds. Dip your fingers in, and spread it on your scalp first. Make sure you cover your entire scalp, then all of your hair with the oil. Comb it through and braid it nice and tight, and put a towel down on your pillow and sleep in it if you can. The next morning, shower, and your hair will be shiny and strong for days.”

Daily SPF

What it does: Protects your skin from sun damage, including sun spots, wrinkling, and skin cancer.

Mama’s Tips: “I use SPF 58, and use only mineral-based products. My favorite is Solar Protection Formula, which is $30 a bottle, and worth every cent.” Buy it here!

Take Vitamins

What it does: Calcium – good for bone strength; Vitamin D – helps the body absorb calcium; Biotin – promotes healthy skin, nails, hair.

Mama’s Tips: “Calcium, Vitamin D, are vitamins I take every day, and Biotin I take every other day. It’s important to get a high quality vitamin, don’t just buy it from a supermarket. I order all of mine from Mercola online.” 

Hot Yoga

What it does: Challenges your flexibility and warms up your muscles, which burns calories.

Mama’s Tips: “Sweating through exercise opens up the pores and gets rid of toxins in your body. Hot yoga is a great way to relieve stress, I go to about four classes a week, and I swear by it!”

It’s All About What You Eat

What it does: Keeps your body toned and muscular, and promotes a healthy heart.

Mama’s Tips: “I don’t use sugar or any artificial sweeteners. Keep away from them, Splenda is a chlorinated molecule, a lot of people don’t know that. I am crazy about blueberries. I pick up organic cases of blueberries from Costco and they are amazing for anti-aging. I feel that people know how they are supposed to eat, but they just don’t do it! Beauty comes from within. You will see a difference.”

Her favorite ginger kale recipe!

Like mother, like daughter. :)

Like mother, like daughter. :)

What anti-aging tips have you learned from your mom??

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