My Week in Dinners (Recipes Included!)

It’s a constant challenge to try and eat healthy, balanced meals each night of the week, so I like to keep dinners simple. The key to healthy eating is planning. I’ll be the first to say that I’m still trying to improve my weekly planning. My goal is to have every meal thought out and ingredients shopped for by Sunday night, but it’s still a work in progress! So I’m here to share a week’s dinners day-by-day, and link you to the online recipe that I used to make it. Hopefully it will inspire you to use one of the recipes, or modify my eating plan to suit your needs!

SISTER TIP: I try to limit meat to once a week, and serve healthy fish at least twice. Also, cheese is minimally used, although if you need it, goat cheese is my go-to and has greater benefits! Try sliced up avocado or greek yogurt for a healthier sauce instead.

Baked chicken fingers with curried ketchup
Homemade cold tortellini salad
Sliced tomatoes


Grilled Salmon with Avocado Dip
Mini potato & cheese Pierogies
Sliced red and orange peppers

Tuesday Grilled Salmon

Shrimp stir fry with Jasmine rice


Roasted salmon greek salad with yogurt sauce

Thursday dinner

Homemade turkey burgers with avocado slices and goat cheese
Potato and egg salad
Baked sweet potato with brown sugar

Friday DinnerWhat did you eat for dinner this week??

How to Successfully Wear High Heels

Allow me to preface this post by saying that I only feel confident in high heels after years of practice. And I do mean years. But high heels still suck to wear and hurt like a m-fer. As Jennifer Lawrence says, heels are “Satan’s shoes”.

However, I love how I look in heels, so alas, I wear them; to work, to get drinks, and especially out dancing. They make me feel sexy and fearless, and it doesn’t hurt to add a few inches to my stature once in a while. Nearly 40% of women say they would suffer through the pain of high heels for the sake of fashion. If you put on heels everyday, or if you’re just a once-in-a-while wearer, I offer these humble tips based off of what I use in my daily life!

How to wear high heels

Hilarious Quotes from Celebrities About Hating Heels

1) Make sure you’re wearing the right size

I am a firm believer of this statement after a Nordstrom associate commented that I was wearing too big of shoes. My sister loves to mention this frequently, as well. (“Jessica… you are a 7 1/2. Why you continue to think you’re an 8, I’ll never know.”) I used to think that a little roominess was a great option when wearing heels, but that thought line is dangerous AND painful! Sales people at high-end shoe stores are happy to measure your feet, so make sure you ask!

2) Walk like there is a marionette string pulling up the top of your head

Good posture has always been important to me due to of years of Pilates and ballet. Posture is essential when walking in heels. Pretend there is a string attached to the top of your head, and it’s continually being pulled upwards. Your spine will immediately straighten, your back will arch a bit, and your chin will lift. You’ll walk more confidently and be less prone to stumbling. Always look straight ahead, not down!

3) Get your shoes stretched

I always get my heels stretched before I walk out of the mall. Nordstrom is great about complimentary shoe stretches for cardholders, but even if you have to pay or DIY, it’s definitely worth it. Wider shoes are more comfortable to wear, and prevent bunions from forming on the side of your feet. It’s worth asking!

4) Wear heels with a higher platform

Although platform shoes are not really my style, if I know I will be dancing in heels all night, I’ll definitely try to wear a pair that has at least a small platform built into the heel. Platforms ensure that your foot isn’t at such an extreme angle, and therefore, will be more comfortable.

Valentino Couture Bow Platform Pump

Valentino Couture Bow Platform Pump

5) Sit whenever you can

Ok, this is my absolutely favorite tip because it’s so simple, yet works SO well! Anytime you can take a break off of your feet, DO IT! Schedule time into your night to pop a squat every 20-25 minutes – there’s a reason women’s bathrooms have couches! Plus then you get to show off your shoes to everyone who walks by! It will do wonders for the longevity of your heels and your feet. :)

Buzzfeed: The 6 Terrible Stages of Wearing Heels

6) Practice makes perfect

It may sound a little silly to walk around your house in heels, but it’s a great technique to perfect your walking abilities! I like to walk around in heels that I want to be able to build up the confidence to wear, not ones that I’ve already worn. I like to break in my heels as much as possible inside before wearing them out.

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