Gimme Brow

I want… love… CRAAAAVE thicker, fuller eyebrows. Celebrities are starting to let their thin brows grown in, and I could not be more enthralled with this trend.

English fashion model Cara Delevingne is famous for her glorious, untamed eyebrows. Love or hate them, you have to admit, they’re fierce.

PR Photos

PR Photos

Lily Collins has the right idea, too: the bigger,the better.

Lily Collins eyebrows Tony Shek

Photo by Tony Shek

So, I went to clean up my eyebrows at a new salon this weekend, and unfortunately the esthetician waxed them wayyyyy too thin. I ran over to Sephora, literally 5 minutes before closing, and a sweet little makeup artist named Mirella was happy to help with my brow crisis. “I had this bride one time who freaked out because her eyebrows were threaded unevenly, but I told her to relax.” Miss Mirella shared. “With makeup, you can do anything with eyebrows; create an arch, make them longer, thicker, darker, anything.”

How true this is. Say hello to Gimme Brow. Don’t let its small stature fool you. This tiny miracle worker has a mascara-like wand that fills in spaces and brushes on thick, natural-looking eyebrows.


Pro:  It stays on all day. The waterproof gel sticks to the fibers of your skin, and kind of feels like you sprayed hairspray on them. I brush it on in the morning, and by time happy hour rolls around, my eyebrows still look as voluminous as they did 9 hours before. It sure beats pencils or brow powders, which hardly stay on my face past noon.

Con:  Sticker price. One teeny bottle costs $22 at Sephora. But in my eyes, it’s worth it. Eyebrows can make or break the frame of your face.

Gimme Brow before and after

Before and After


After using Gimme Brow. One step closer to thick, full eyebrows!

What are your favorite brow fill-in methods?

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9 thoughts on “Gimme Brow

  1. love this stuff, I was using Anastasia brow wiz in ash blonde, but with sparse brows like mine I was going through them like water! Light medium is perfect for my blonde brows without being too harsh!


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