20 Things I’ve Learned So Far in my 20s [Through GIFs]

Hayyyyyyyyyy ya’ll it’s my birthdayyyyyyy!

beyonce-birthday-party-funnyAlthough my twenties haven’t ended yet, I’ve decided to humbly share 20 things I’ve learned throughout this wonderful transition into full adulthood. Via GIFs!

20) It’s ok to rid of negative people in your life. (That includes negative exes.)


19) Keep your hands OFF your face. No popping, no picking. And if you have bad acne, Accutane is a God-send.


18) Give gifts on days other than holidays. Everyone loves presents!


17) Eating healthy is worth it. And vegetable smoothies are your best friend.


16) Your parents WILL join social media. And like all of your posts.


15) Being socially aware is a powerful thing. Learn up on causes that you’re passionate about and help in some way.

tumblr_n1ugd4ej0r1r9us6no2_r1_50014) Being well put-together is the first thing people notice about you. Enter your twenties a slob, but leave it looking stylish. SN: sweatpants should not be worn outside the home. Ever.

Cinderella_dress_transformation_gif13) Try your best to attend every wedding, shower, and funeral. You’ll never have another chance to go.


12) Time heals all wounds. Seriously, just wait it out, you’ll be ok. [Wine helps.]

11) Social networking sites (much like selfies) are annoying but the best way to keep in touch with friends and family. Instagram is the best. Then Facebook. Then Twitter. 


10) Don’t get Lasik surgery until you’re at least 30. Your eyes WILL change and you may be forced to wear glasses again. You’ve been warned!


9) The library is an amazing resource. Go get a library card and USE IT! They’re having sales on books and movies everyday for like, 100% off. Stop wasting your money buying them!


8) Your sister is the best friend you can hope to have. 


9) No one actually knows what the hell they’re doing. Yes, our choices matter, but a lot of times, things just… happen. Go with the flow. Your twenties are for figuring out yourself and what makes you happy.


8) Grocery shopping sucks. At least shop somewhere that gives out free samples.


7) Stop tanning. And start wearing sunscreen. Even if there’s no sun.

giphy (1)

6) Know where your food comes from. Read labels and be informed. Every time you buy something at a grocery store you’re kind of “voting” for that item, so make sure it’s something that you feel socially comfortable consuming.

giphy (2)

5) Saving money is great, but spending it on travel is always better.

Kristen Wiig Bridesmaid Gif4) You’re never too old to watch a Disney movie… and sing along with the songs.


3) If you hate your job, figure out what you love and find a way to make money doing it.

Office Space Gif

2) Drinking lots of water actually does do everything it claims. I see an improvement in my skin, nails, mood, and overall health every time I consciously drink more water throughout the day.

Joseline-drinking1) Being mean is lame. Be nice. You never know the battles people are facing in their own lives, and kindness is always a good thing.


There you have it! What have you learned through your twenties? 

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24 thoughts on “20 Things I’ve Learned So Far in my 20s [Through GIFs]

  1. Nice post Jesi! Cannot believe we are approaching our 10 year reunion. Where does the time go. Totally agree with 18, 13 and 5! Traveling has become much tougher with a little one but thank god for family because everyone needs a getaway!

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